Umai Wagyu visits partners in Japan

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rudolf and I manage the trading activities of UmaiWagyu together with our CEO Sebastian.

For Umai Wagyu, close and personal contact with you, our valued customers, and our partners in Japan is of the utmost importance. We are pleased to present the most important results of our trip to Miyazaki, which took place in February 2018.

The plight of a seller’s market
There are currently only 4 slaughterhouses in Japan approved for the transport of carcasses for Europe.¬†Umai Wagyu assumes that the Wagyu market will develop from a demand-oriented buyer’s market to a seller’s market in Europe. Thanks to our solid and proven partnerships, we are pleased to confirm that we will maintain our competitive prices for the premium product in 2018.
Umai Wagyu visited a new slaughterhouse, which is currently being adapted to meet the strict requirements of the European authorities to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

The tender and loving care of the breeders
During a visit to the Oukafarm, from where we regularly get Wagyu cattle, we could experience the loving care of the breeders. Every animal is treated like a family member and with the greatest care. Modern technologies are used to perfect the breeding process. As an example we were shown a “fitness tracker” for suckler cows. A higher number of steps/activities indicates the ideal time for fertilization.

The best meat deserves to be cut with the best knives
Japan is known for having the best knives in the world. During a visit to the Tsubaya gastronomy district in Tokyo we couldn’t resist and bought some of the best knives to cut the meat at customer presentations and events. Contact us if you would like your personal knife.

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